Plant and Tree Installation

Plant and Tree Installation

Welcome to Beasley Landscaping! Founded by Austin Beasley, our company has been transforming landscapes for over seven years. Austin's expertise, particularly in plant and tree installation, has allowed us to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that our clients love. When he’s not working, Austin enjoys spending time with his family and is actively involved in his community through West Acres Baptist Church, participating in mission trips to assist families and children in West Virginia.

At Beasley Landscaping, we understand that landscaping is more than just a visual upgrade – it's about creating spaces that enhance your lifestyle and bring people together. We take pride in our creative, detail-oriented approach, ensuring each project meets the specific needs and desires of our clients.

Plant and Tree Installation Services in Appling, GA

Our plant and tree installation services are designed to bring your vision to life, creating stunning outdoor spaces that thrive for years to come. Whether you're looking to add shade with mature trees or brighten your garden with a variety of plants, Beasley Landscaping has you covered. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to select and install the perfect greenery to complement your home and landscape.


Tree Installation
Our tree installation service focuses on selecting the right trees for your landscape, taking into consideration factors such as soil type, climate, and the tree's growth habits. We offer a wide variety of trees, from ornamental to shade trees, ensuring they are planted correctly to promote healthy growth and longevity.

Enhance property value with mature, well-placed trees.

Improve air quality and provide natural cooling.

Create privacy and reduce noise pollution.
Shrub and Bush Installation
Shrubs and bushes add structure and depth to any garden. Our team carefully selects and installs shrubs that thrive in your specific environment, providing year-round beauty and functionality.

Define garden areas and create natural borders.

Offer habitat for local wildlife.

Low maintenance options available.

Flower and Plant Bed Installation
Brighten up your landscape with our flower and plant bed installation services. We design and install vibrant plant beds that bloom in all seasons, ensuring your garden looks stunning throughout the year.

Seasonal color and variety.

Attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Customized designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

Specialty Plantings
For those looking for something unique, we offer specialty plantings such as exotic plants, edible gardens, and native species installations. These specialized services are tailored to meet your unique gardening desires and environmental goals.

Unique, personalized garden spaces.

Support for local ecosystems with native plants.

Opportunities to grow your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Why Choose Our Plant and Tree Installation Services in Appling, GA

Choosing Beasley Landscaping means investing in quality, expertise, and a personal touch. Here’s why our plant and tree installation services stand out:
Experienced Team: With years of experience, our team knows how to select and install plants and trees that will flourish in your specific location.
Personalized Service: We work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring your landscaping project reflects your style and needs.
Sustainable Practices: We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, using native plants and eco-friendly techniques to create sustainable landscapes.
Community-Focused: As a local business, we are dedicated to serving our community with integrity and commitment, building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Service Areas

Appling, GA

Phinizy, GA

Augusta, GA

Grovetown, GA

Harlem, GA

Thomson, GA

What Our Clients Say

  • "Austin Beasley and his guys always does a great job on our yard. We would highly recommend him for all of your landscaping needs."
    John Doe
    Ashley F.
  • "They did so amazing!! Not only was the work done beautifully, they were also very nice and respectful! Highly recommend and will definitely use them again."
    John Doe
    Morgan M.
  • "The work was great. They were professional, courteous, polite, and did what he said."
    John Doe
    Phillips J.
  • "Austin Beasley and his guys always does a great job on our yard. We would highly recommend him for all of your landscaping needs."
    John Doe
    barbara C.

Plant and Tree Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right plants and trees for my landscape?

Our team will assess your property’s soil, sunlight, and other environmental factors to recommend the best plants and trees for your landscape. We also consider your aesthetic preferences and maintenance requirements.

2. What is the best time of year to install plants and trees?

The best time for planting is typically in the spring or fall when temperatures are moderate. However, we can provide guidance based on the specific plants and trees you choose.

3. How do you ensure the health of the plants and trees you install?

We source our plants and trees from reputable nurseries and use proper planting techniques to ensure healthy growth. Additionally, we provide care instructions and ongoing maintenance services to help your landscape thrive.

4. Do you offer maintenance services after installation?

Yes, we offer a range of maintenance services to keep your landscape looking its best, including pruning, fertilization, and pest management.

5. Can you help with the design of my landscape?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive landscape design services to create a cohesive, beautiful outdoor space that meets your needs and preferences.

Contact Beasley Landscaping today to start transforming your outdoor space with our expert plant and tree installation services in Appling, GA. Let us help you create a beautiful, thriving landscape that enhances your home and lifestyle.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Contact Beasley Landscaping today to schedule your free consultation and get started on your landscaping project. Whether you have further questions or are ready to begin, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.
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